365:164 Out for a Drive


I am a very spoiled and lucky woman. I picked up my new car today, a new Mercedes Benz GLA in Jupiter red. It’s (she’s) beautiful and a dream to drive. As soon as we picked her (I call her Red Leader), Mr Mac and I took her for a spin in the mountains, a favourite jaunt of ours, across the Klausen Pass.

A lovely day out.

365:163 Rapperswil


I know, I know. You’ve seen Rapperswil before. But honestly, even after twelve years of living here, I am still always enamoured by the striking view of Rapperswil when you drive across Lake Zürich, over the Seedamm.

I took this photo while I was waiting at a red light. One day, I’ll get a chance to show you what a fabulous picture Rappi makes in your rear view mirror, whilst driving away from it. It’s surely what the word picturesque was invented for.

Those pesky laws about using a mobile phone and driving though….

365:161 Favourite Product


Mr Mac was in Malaysia this week. He texted me from his hotel to let me know that there was a Sephora right across the road from his hotel. Did I want/need anything?

Did I?

Well, actually, I don’t need anything. But there was something I would like. While I was in Rome with my Mum and cousin Mary, we had wandered into a Sephora a couple of times, as you do. My cousin had told me about these wee perfume bottles which you could easily decant your favourite perfume into and then you’d have a handbag-sized bottle of perfume to refresh yourself with through the day. They cost about 10€ so I bought one (one for me and one for my mum’s birthday present, actually), filled it in my hotel room when we’d finished sightseeing for the day and have been devoted to it ever since.

So, when Mr Mac asked me if I needed anything from Sephora, that’s what I instructed him to find (along with a couple of my favourite lipsticks which have since been discontinued (as far as I know)). He went into Sephora, clutching his phone with the texting app open and I “directed him via remote” to exactly the product I was looking for.

Clever boy.

Seriously though, if you love perfume you have to try these little atomisers. They’re great.

365:160 Physio Reading


Another day, another physio appointment. We’re currently doing two physio appointments per week. One for treatment, which involves dry needling and/or massage and one to show me various exercises I should be doing at home.

While I waited for my appointment today (the appointments run like clockwork, in true Swiss style) I picked up this kids’ book about Physio. It was a comic book and easy to read. It told stories of various patients a physiotherapist would have to deal with on a daily basis and how the relationship with their patients would/should have a positive effect on the patients’ lives.

It was actually quite informative. Although I did get a funny look from another patient who spied me reading it.


365:159 Roses


I managed a walk today! Nearly 5kms too. The leg is definitely, if slowly improving.

Aren’t these roses magnificent? Strangely, the only ones who have a definite rose aroma, are the pink ones. I wonder why.

365:158 Garden Progress


A couple more photos from the allotment. We managed to get out in the sunshine again and pull out some more weeds. They just never stop. It’s fun though and we have a good time. Well, I have a good time, directing my Unterstift* while he does all the work. No, I do actually get my hands dirty too.

It’s just all so green and lush right now.


*Unterstift I think this is a Swiss word. The boys use/d it to mean someone who is in the same apprenticeship as they are but in a lower year. A person a year above them would be an Oberstift, a person on the same level as them would be a Mitstift.

365:157 Not From My Garden

IMG_6745.JPGThese were a present from my upstairs neighbour who had asked me to go and water his potted strawberries on the balcony while he was away in his campervan.

They’re not from his strawberry plants either but they were lovely. After a few poor years of strawberry harvest, Swiss strawberries have really lifted their game this year. Juicy, sweet and full of flavour. Summer in a bite.

365:156 More Sushi! And a medical discovery!


When I realised I was waking up every morning practically crippled, I asked Mr Mac, “Can we buy me a new mattress? I’m sure this (soft, very very soft) mattress is not good for me. And I think it might even be contributing to my leg problem.” Mr Mac wasn’t convinced but he acquiesced and said yes, we’d go and buy me a new mattress that day.

We had other errands to run that day too. Namely, finding him a new pair of board shorts, or boardies, if you’re Australian. After shopping for Mr Mac’s holiday essentials, we decided to go for some sushi lunch.

Then, we bought me the hardest, firmest mattress we could find. I nearly choked when I heard the price. Oh, yes. It’s days like this I’m reminded we live in one of the most expensive countries in the world. But, the good news was that today they were having a 30% off sale and we could take the mattresses away with us.

So, after borrowing my Swiss BFF’s car (A VW Passat Kombi), loaded up with hard, foam mattresses, we got them home and started pulling our bed apart. When we pulled up my old mattress, I realised that the slats under my mattress had gone all skew-whiff and, for I don’t know how long, had not been supporting me in the night properly. We sorted them out, laid down the new mattresses and redressed the bed with clean bedclothes.

I can confirm that although I woke up stiff in the torso, mainly the ribcage, from sleeping on a such a firm mattress, that my back/leg was much better already when I got up in the morning. I felt like a miracle cure was on its way.

365:155 Ughh


Eurghh. The Eigentümerversammlung. A meeting of all the owners of the apartments in our block. Just about the most boring way you can think of to spend more than an hour of your time. And it’s my duty to attend this one because Mr Mac will be too busy and important attending business meetings in Rome to make it. It’s coming up on the 18th of June and I am already dreading it. *curls lip*

The thing is, since we became home-owners in the house (they don’t call what we live in an apartment block here. Probably because it looks more like a big house than apartments. I don’t know.) we’ve both attended all of the meetings so far. The first thing we both learned was that if you don’t attend, you’re fair game for a slagging off from your neighbours; the slightest mistake as a neighbour will come under scrutiny from everyone as soon as they have the opportunity to talk behind your back with an audience of your peers. Or, at least, that’s the impression that we got. Sad, but that’s life, I guess.