A few days later…..

19907342788_58a9c7ab68_oI had to give up on the daily photo thing. These summer days were flying past me and I simply wasn’t able to keep up.

Since my last post I have:

  • Spent a glorious nine days with my brother, sister-in-law, Hannah & Liam, travelling Switzerland and doing ace touristy stuff.
  • Been to France on a people-smuggling trip (I was delivering an au pair to a friend, don’t panic) and stayed in a fabulous hotel for a night.
  • Taken delivery of a new Mac, Odin the boxer puppy who is as cute and soft as can be as well as deaf &/or willful.
  • Been miserable with my leg which is not getting better despite everyone’s best efforts.
  • Found the most amazing spa in Zürich which I intend to frequent with an alarming (for Mr Mac’s bank balance) regularity this summer.
  • Sweltered in Switzerland’s hottest, sunniest summer for years.

So, apart from the leg issue, you can see, it’s all been good. More about all of it later.