365:181 Pilates Studio (Plus bonus Odin!)


This is what physio has done to me. I am now the owner of a load of plastic crap which I imagine I’ll use faithfully for a month and then chuck in the cellar, sick of the sight of it, in another six months.

The red band is for doing arm exercises while I hold my torso perfectly still, tightening my stomach muscles and pelvic floor.

The green ball is for doing a nigh-on impossible exercise: lie on the floor with your feet on top of the ball. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, lift your butt & back up so they make a straight (but diagonal) line from your knees. Lift one leg up and move the ball back and forth with the other leg. At the moment, the muscles I need for this exercise are practically non-existent so I do it with both feet at the same time.

The black roll is for massaging my leg. I lie on top of the black roll and roller myself up and down it. It’s a killer, I can tell you! Even my physiotherapist warned me against how uncomfortable it would be. I also need a lot of upper body strength which I don’t have.

Apart from the massage rolling thing, my physiotherapist tells me that the exercises she has given me are all pilates exercises. I am thinking of trying a class. Just thinking, mind.

In the meantime, my leg, even though it’s getting better, still hurts. Oh, woe is me.

Luckily, I have this wee guy to to look forward to. His kennel put new photos of the puppies up yesterday. Look how gorgeous Odin is!


His litter name is Dusty and all of his brothers and sisters are named with a D too. Oh, the cute! I can’t wait until our next visit. And then, eventually, he’ll come home and grow big and love us all forever.