365:174 A Gift


A neighbour of mine rang my bell. Not that neighbour (the one I had a whine about yesterday) another neighbour. She brought me a bouquet of flowers to say thank you for having removed the apple tree from our allotment, the apple tree which had been bothering her for years.

She also felt the need to say sorry for any slight I may have taken while were at the meeting of the homeowners. At some point, during the rainy and sorta cold evening (we held the meeting outside, under the shelter of the entrance to the underground garage), I felt too warm and took my jacket off to tie it around my waist, leaving me with bare arms because I was wearing a vest-top.

I didn’t know this but at the same time, or perhaps just after I did that, she felt the need to pull her jacket closer and wrap her scarf more tightly around her neck, feeling the cold*. I think she thought that I had taken that as some sort of insult. Of course, I hadn’t even noticed, so wrapped up I am in my own head. Still it was a nice thought. And flowers are always welcome.

*After the meeting, the secretary who was taking the minutes told me, “I wish you could give me some of your warmth, I’m always so cold!” I get this a lot. I suspect I am a naturally warm person because of my size. I love being a warm person.