365:172 A New Friend

IMG_7880.JPGOh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What have I done? I suppose I just got fed up of saying, “No, we’re not having a dog.”

Mr Mac and Ewan have been nagging me for years for us to get a(nother) dog. I’ve always been (and am still) hesitant because, as we all know, the dog will end up being something else for me to look after. And still, I gave up.

But wouldn’t you? Isn’t he just the most precious furry thing you ever did see? He’s a boxer and his name is Odin* (that’s the name we chose for him. His litter name is Dusty. But as soon as we told the breeder that we wanted to call him Odin, she started to call him so which I thought was a lovely, professional touch.)

We went to meet him on the weekend. He’s somewhere around three-four weeks old in these pics. By the time we get him he’ll be around 8-9 weeks old. He’s going to be a lot of work and Ewan and Mr Mac have both been warned, “You can not¬†half-ass this puppy thing.” I’ve been assured they won’t.

To their credit, they have both attended the compulsory dog course, the certificate you get at the end of which, you have to have before you can even be a dog owner in Switzerland. Once Odin comes to join the family, they will have to take him to another puppy school, where they’ll learn the practicalities of taking care of a dog. Odin will also have to attend puppy socialisation classes, which I suppose I’ll be responsible for.

Nothing’s easy in Switzerland. Which, in this case, is a good thing.


*When we were discussing what to name our boxer puppy, we wanted to stay away from all the typical boxer names, like Bruno, Rocky, etc. We were watching one of our fave shows, Vikings, and thought about Ragnar, Rollo or Floki. But Odin, the Viking god won out.