365:161 Favourite Product


Mr Mac was in Malaysia this week. He texted me from his hotel to let me know that there was a Sephora right across the road from his hotel. Did I want/need anything?

Did I?

Well, actually, I don’t need anything. But there was something I would like. While I was in Rome with my Mum and cousin Mary, we had wandered into a Sephora a couple of times, as you do. My cousin had told me about these wee perfume bottles which you could easily decant your favourite perfume into and then you’d have a handbag-sized bottle of perfume to refresh yourself with through the day. They cost about 10€ so I bought one (one for me and one for my mum’s birthday present, actually), filled it in my hotel room when we’d finished sightseeing for the day and have been devoted to it ever since.

So, when Mr Mac asked me if I needed anything from Sephora, that’s what I instructed him to find (along with a couple of my favourite lipsticks which have since been discontinued (as far as I know)). He went into Sephora, clutching his phone with the texting app open and I “directed him via remote” to exactly the product I was looking for.

Clever boy.

Seriously though, if you love perfume you have to try these little atomisers. They’re great.