365:156 More Sushi! And a medical discovery!


When I realised I was waking up every morning practically crippled, I asked Mr Mac, “Can we buy me a new mattress? I’m sure this (soft, very very soft) mattress is not good for me. And I think it might even be contributing to my leg problem.” Mr Mac wasn’t convinced but he acquiesced and said yes, we’d go and buy me a new mattress that day.

We had other errands to run that day too. Namely, finding him a new pair of board shorts, or boardies, if you’re Australian. After shopping for Mr Mac’s holiday essentials, we decided to go for some sushi lunch.

Then, we bought me the hardest, firmest mattress we could find. I nearly choked when I heard the price. Oh, yes. It’s days like this I’m reminded we live in one of the most expensive countries in the world. But, the good news was that today they were having a 30% off sale and we could take the mattresses away with us.

So, after borrowing my Swiss BFF’s car (A VW Passat Kombi), loaded up with hard, foam mattresses, we got them home and started pulling our bed apart. When we pulled up my old mattress, I realised that the slats under my mattress had gone all skew-whiff and, for I don’t know how long, had not been supporting me in the night properly. We sorted them out, laid down the new mattresses and redressed the bed with clean bedclothes.

I can confirm that although I woke up stiff in the torso, mainly the ribcage, from sleeping on a such a firm mattress, that my back/leg was much better already when I got up in the morning. I felt like a miracle cure was on its way.