365:155 Ughh


Eurghh. The Eigent├╝merversammlung. A meeting of all the owners of the apartments in our block. Just about the most boring way you can think of to spend more than an hour of your time. And it’s my duty to attend this one because Mr Mac will be too busy and important attending business meetings in Rome to make it. It’s coming up on the 18th of June and I am already dreading it. *curls lip*

The thing is, since we became home-owners in the house (they don’t call what we live in an apartment block here. Probably because it looks more like a big house than apartments. I don’t know.) we’ve both attended all of the meetings so far. The first thing we both learned was that if you don’t attend, you’re fair game for a slagging off from your neighbours; the slightest mistake as a neighbour will come under scrutiny from everyone as soon as they have the opportunity to talk behind your back with an audience of your peers. Or, at least, that’s the impression that we got. Sad, but that’s life, I guess.