365:133 Hulftegg


The view from Hulftegg.

So, did you guess what this meant? It means Mr Mac has a new hobby. He bought himself a Harley-Davidson.


He had the day off on Thursday so he took himself off in the morning, on a bike ride to see a couple of pals. I had mentioned to him before he left, maybe we could both go out on the roads in the afternoon; it was a gorgeous day and I thought I could follow him in his flash car, top-down, anjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

By the time he got back, he had managed to organise a ride with four of our other friends who are bike fanatics and we ended up in a convoy of three bikes and me in the car. We rode out East and back again, stopping at Hulftegg for a coffee with all the other bikers in Switzerland, or so it seemed.

A pleasant, spontaneous afternoon with friends.