365:74 Top Down


We went for a wee drive yesterday to visit friends. (Hi Dominik! Hi Katja!). It’s only half an hour away but the sun was shining and we put the top down on Mr Mac’s flash car. First time for me this year. It was still cold but flash cars have seat heating and air scarves now, it was fab to enjoy the fresh air.

I decided it was time for a selfie and I actually said, “Oh, you know what? This is a job for selfie-stick!” Yes, I have one. Mock me all you want, I <3 my selfie-stick. You'll all want one in the end. 16825888155_c32a69c7ff_b

Vanity shot (so, sue me. I’m belligerent today, aren’t I?)

1 thought on “365:74 Top Down

  1. Oh I’m so jealous. No way is my top going down for probably months yet. Can’t wait though.
    How was it, learning to drive manual? I’m trying myself with my husband’s new car. I’m not very excited about it. Seems like way too many things to think of at once. Maybe I just need a new hat to change my perspective?

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