365:71 Bise


We went out for our usual walk today. The sun was beautiful but the Bise? Oof! Bitingly cold. Wikipedia tells us the Bise (say it like, Beezeh) is , “a northern wind, cold and generally dry… In Switzerland the bise blows from the north-east, above all during the winter months, and is due to a high-pressure cell north-west of Switzerland.

It also says that you feel the Bise most in Geneva, due to the way the land lies or something. Yikes. It’s cold enough of a wind here already. It cut right through my fleece jacket today. My arms are only just getting the feeling back in them.

1 thought on “365:71 Bise

  1. I had an Australian friend who lived near Lake Geneva who was complaining to her work colleagues about how cold and windy it was, and they said to her “oh, it’s just the bise”. She talked about this much later with Reto and me, and it became clear that she thought they were saying “bees” (because that’s how it sounds in french) and had wondered for a very long time how bees make it cold and windy (flapping their tiny wings?). Not that I can make fun of her, because back then I didn’t even know that wind had names, let alone speak french or anything ridiculous like that. Fortunately Reto’s dad is an apiarist, so Reto is practically an expert (hah).

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