365:70 Hand Made With Love


I got my first delivery of charms squares for quilting yesterday. They’re beautiful packs of 5″ squares, all different patterns and colours (although, in usual Stella-style, I appear to have ordered a few packs where the dominant colour is red) I wanted to do something quick and easy yesterday so I decided on making a cushion cover for a special guest we’re expecting to visit in the summer.

I even tried appliquéing her name in the corner. It’s a bit… shall we say, rustic? Shabby chic? Shit? But I’m sure she’ll love it.

I’ve made a patchwork for both sides. here they are side by side.


I should end up with something sorta cute at the end of it.

In other quilting news, I saw this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (where I ordered my charm squares from). I’m a little obsessed with making this quilt now.

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  1. MSQ is a great company. I just got another order from them. The videos are great. I learnt a lot from them.

    So glad to have passed the addiction along ;0)

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