365:64 Einstein’s Pad


On Thursday, Vivi and I headed down to Bern, so I could show off my adopted-nation’s capital city to her. Einstein, you know the one- of the theory of relativity fame, lived in Bern for a while and the apartment he lived in with his family is now a museum dedicated to him and his life. The picture above is of his lounge room. That’s basically all there is to see of the apartment as it was when he lived there but the floor above is a little exhibition where you can learn all about his life, family and work. Great little place to spend an hour. The entrance fee is 6Fr for an adult and it’s open from 10am – 5pm.

1 thought on “365:64 Einstein’s Pad

  1. You could have followed that up with a trip to the Einstein bar/restaurant in Aarau! Which is in no way actually related to Einstein as far as I know, but he did go to school in Aarau. And presumably didn’t waste all his time hanging round in bars.

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