365:59 Street Food Festival, Zürich- SANDWICH HEAVEN!


Pastrami Reuben- pastrami with cheese and sauerkraut. Yumm! (16Fr)


Mr Mac, our Swiss BFFs and I went into Zürich on Saturday for the Zürich Street Food Festival. Our friend had read about it in a local newspaper and correctly surmised that Mr Mac and I would enjoy an outing dedicated to food.

The Street Food Festival boasted about 70 stalls with food from all around the world. Choosing what we wanted to try was an almost impossible task. Especially for me, since with it being a street food festival, most street foods were variations on sandwiches. A whole hall filled with sandwiches! It was like I died and went to heaven.

We gave it a good go though. I tried an Israeli dish called (I think) Hamshuka, beef and lamb spiced mince with hummus and pita; Italian prawn & veggie tempura with ricotta on bread; pastrami sandwich with cheese and sauerkraut; churros. Aside from the churros, everything was obviously delicious, albeit wildly overpriced. While the pastrami sandwich was tasty, it was a little too hot, temperature-wise, for my liking but I think it had been left in the sandwich press a little too long. The Italian Tempura’s ricotta on a flat bread was out of this world but for 10Fr, you want more than two prawns and six pieces of deep-fried veggies. The Hamshuka was probably the most delicious dish I tried but cost 7.50Fr and came with a quarter of a pita. A measly quarter which I used up in about three swipes of the ladleful of hummus and meat. Sadly, the churros was, along with Key Lime Pie, one of my greatest food disappointments. I always imagined I would love deep fried batter, covered in sugar but, no. What I expected to be light and fluffy and donut-ty was crunchy (ok, so that bit was good) and dense and chewy with a doughy flavour, when you removed the sugar. I asked my friends who had already tried churros, did I have a bad batch? But no, they were as good as the next churros. Looks like I’m just not a churros kind of a gal.

Despite the drawbacks I already told you about, we actually had a great time looking around and tasting all the lovely foods. I would definitely go again, knowing what to expect, money-wise. It was a fab way to spend a few hours with friends.