Pictures from Aberfeldy in Perthshire, Scotland

Mr Mac, my Mum, James, Ewan and I all took advantage of an unexpectedly sunny day and headed to Aberfeldy yesterday. Our primary reason for going there was to walk in Moness Gorge, through the famous Birks of Aberfeldy. I’ll write about that in another post but just quickly, it was a beautiful walk. After our walk we all went into the village of Aberfeldy, a lovely little picturesque place for a well-earned bite to eat before we headed home. Here are some photos for your exclusive enjoyment.

The main square in Aberfeldy.

Main street through the village.

A fountain in the main square in Aberfeldy. According to a plaque on the side, given to the village by a Lord and Lady Breadalbane as thanks to the villagers for being so kind after the restoration of the Marquisate.

Heron detail from the fountain.

The Breadalbane Arms Hotel.

Tha main street in Aberfeldy. The art deco style cinema on the left of this picture is currently being renovated in a project headed up by actor Alan Cumming, who was born in Aberfeldy.