Il Porcellino: I’m going back to Florence

Rub my snout. Oink.

I’m going to stop boring the internet with my hyperbole about Florence. (But there’s still so much to tell- The church of San Lorenzo, the Sagrestia Vecchia, the Medici Chapel– go and see them!) Fact is, I loved it and I desperately want to go back and see everything I didn’t see and see everything I did see again.

There’s a bronze statue of a wild boar at the Mercato Nuovo in Florence, Il Porcellino. Legend has it that if you give him a rub on the snout, you’ll come back to Florence one day. So I did.

*waits for lottery win*

5 thoughts on “Il Porcellino: I’m going back to Florence

  1. Tha pig’s not in Florence, he’s in Sydney! Oh, and now a bit of googing has told me there are copies all over the place. Huh.

    • I see he’s outside the/a hospital in Sydney. What do you rub his snout for there? To come out alive?

      • not to get a terrible multi-resistant staph infection, I imagine (given the state of nsw hospitals etc etc)

  2. (actually, i don’t know if people do rub his snout. i’d never heard of it before now. i’d also never heard of Florence’s so-called original either, though, so i may well be hopelessly misinformed. or underinformed.)

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