Appartamento 2

Right, so you know that I went to Florence with a couple of my pals. We decided quite early on in the planning stage that we would look for an apartment to rent instead of a hotel. Since there were three of us, we thought it might be a little cheaper to share the rent than a hotel room. Also, we could all have a little more space, if we found a place which had three separate sleeping areas.

Finding such an apartment wasn’t easy. We ended up finding this apartment which had two bedrooms and claims to sleep four people. I was very aware that the two friends I was travelling with are both light sleepers and I’m a snorer so I was a little hesitant to take this apartment, given I’d have to share with one of my friends (I was the link between them), But, my lovely Swiss pal volunteered to share with me, since her husband snores like a train and she’s used to it. I figured I could probably sleep on the sofa downstairs if push came to shove and my pal was horrendously sleep-deprived due to my nocturnal cacophony anyway. So, we took the apartment.

It was a lovely apartment. Perhaps a little shabbier around the edges than the photos in the website suggest. There was a stain on the sofa, for instance, and the Jack Vettriano print in the living room (I mean, come on! How’s that for irony?) had a little water damage on it. But, the bathrooms were clean and pretty, we had wifi (as long as we kept the hall light on- no, seriously, switch off the hall light, wifi cut out. Bizarre.), and we had tea-making facilities (my Swiss pal couldn’t believe how much tea my Australian pal and I could drink!).

But the best thing about the apartment was its location. It was on the Via Verdi, literally a two minute walk away from the church of Santa Croce (where Michelangelo is buried!), possible a few minutes walk from the Duomo, five minutes walk from the Piazza della Signoria, maybe ten from the Ponte Vecchio and even within walking distance from the Piazzale Michelangelo, a spot high on a hill a little outside of the main part of the city with a spectacular view of Florence.

Florence is deceptive in its size anyway. You think it’s a lot bigger than it is but the walk from one landmark to the next is usually only a couple of minutes. Having an apartment in the middle of the city made it possible to grab a panini for lunch and put your feet up for a bit (an hour or two did it for me) before heading back out onto the hard, uneven, busy streets; Florence is really hard on the back! I found the only trouble with taking a break and resting my back and feet for a bit in the middle of the day is that a lot of the interesting, cultural sites close at around 5pm, even on the light nights.

Drawbacks to the apartment- and these are specific to our apartment, not renting an apartment in general- were: the place really only has enough room to sleep three. There was a fold-up bed downstairs but it’s not good enough support for an adult to sleep on comfortably; there are 55 stairs to climb to the front door (55! hey, it made me a litte fitter. I hope); it’s on a noisy street which didn’t bother me in the slightest but bothered my pal.

When I manage to drag Mr Mac back to Florence with me, I’ll do the apartment thing again. Highly recommended!

Appartamento 2-related pics:

Florentine letter boxes, everything sounds better with "Florentine" in front of it.

Only a few of the 55 stairs to climb to the front door of the apartment. I like to think that climbing them several times a day meant I'd earned my evening prosecco(s).

Perhaps not a room with a view but good to know medical advice is close by in an emergency.

Out on the street. Everything close by to this spot- cafe/bar, pizzeria, panini place, bancomat, Santa Croce, chemist etc

The bar/cafe downstairs where I had my last coffee in Florence. I wished I'd gone there every day for a drink.

Two fantastically smiley sisters, both in their 60s but you'd never guess from how they were dressed. So young at heart. The one in pink gave the barista some light-hearted grief when he kept me waiting to take my money for my coffee.

And yes, I did drive my friend insane with my snoring. I felt perfectly refreshed every morning though so….. 😉

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  1. I love the idea of renting an apartment rather than using a hotel, though I think 55 steps would be a good few too many for me! I love those post boxes with the little fleur de lis on them.

    • Yeah, 55 stairs is A LOT! Although there was a chair lift installed but I didn’t use it, honest!

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