Keris Stainton: Emma Hearts LA

"Emma's just arrived in Los Angeles, a million miles away from all her friends, and any chance of a boyfriend. Unless you count geeky Oscar - which she doesn't. Not at first, anyway. Teen heartthrob Alex might have potential too. If she can get him away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, that is. Two boys, unlimited sunshine, and a new life amongst the stars. Maybe LA's not that bad, after all."

It’s no secret that I am one of young adult author Keris Stainton‘s most devoted (and needy) hangers-on. I’m just getting that out there before I even start to tell you how lovely, sweet and funny her new book, Emma Hearts LA is. I’m also going to tell you that this book is the reason for the jolly jaunt that Keris took me on to LA last November. You can read all about that in the special link above. See The Great LA Adventure.

Ok, so I’ve got the disclaimers out of the way. Now I can tell you that I simply couldn’t wait for my hard copy of this book to be mailed to me from Amazon so I downloaded it onto my Kindle while I was in Florence. I finished reading it yesterday and it was gorgeous. Like I said before it’s funny and it’s sweet.  Just as she did in her previous two books, Keris does that marvellous thing with authentic dialogue again. If I was a teenaged girl, I’d want to be BFF’s with Emma and would have a massive crush on Oscar. But most of all, I’d want the chance to visit LA like Emma and see everything Emma sees and do everything Emma does.

Oh wait, I already did. 🙂

But seriously, this is a lovely young adult read which you’ll finish with a smile on your face and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Stella Hearts Emma Hearts LA.

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