Chateaubriand for the First Time

Until a couple of years ago, I thought Chateaubriand was a wine (still not convinced it’s not….) Then, one night we went to a restaurant with friends and as we passed a table, Mr Mac practically drooled and said, “Oooh, they’re having chateaubriand!”

We didn’t order it that night because we were there for a special wild season menu but since that night, Mr Mac has been dreaming of returning to that restaurant to try the chateaubriand. So, when we were having trouble finding something to eat in Zermatt last Saturday and saw the restaurant we’d chosen had chateaubriand on the menu, I told Mr Mac that if that’s what he wanted, I’d forgo the steak tartare I’d decided on and join him in what he wanted (chateaubriand being a dish for two people).

We ate in the Hotel Derby (I won’t link to it because the service was really quite rubbish.) We had prawn cocktail (I swear, I can’t go past a prawn cocktail on a starter menu) to start with which had deliciously creamy sauce which kind of made up for the obviously frozen prawns. The prawn cocktail came served with toast and butter. I have to say, my kind of prawn cocktail comes on a lovely bed of crisp, shredded lettuce but it was good anyway. After the starter plates were cleared away, the waiter came to the table with a large-ish platter and took the cloche off with a flourish to show off our plate of steak and veggies. It all looked lovely. He took the plate away to serve us our dinner.

A moment later he came back with two plates containing three strips of steak, some chips and couple of veggies. He was also carrying a sauce boat filled with Béarnaise sauce. We tucked in and it was great food. The steak, which we had ordered rare, was super-tender (and very rare but we loved it like that), the chips soaked up the blood from the steak (don’t say, “Ewwww!” until you’ve tried it!) perfectly and the veggies were veggies. I have to say though that the star of the meal was the Béarnaise sauce which was creamy and had exactly the right amount of tarragon in it. And after we’d finished that plate, there was more to be had. It was a lovely meal. I’d have it again.

However, for the money, I’d have to admit, it’s not my favourite way to eat steak. My favourite way is still in our favourite steak-house; a piece of horse steak, cooked on a stone with salad and garlic sause. But you know, beggars can’t be choosers. Even the most spoiled birthday beggars in Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “Chateaubriand for the First Time

  1. I dunno why, but the thought of even a steak even near rare makes me feel a little queasy. I will say, the best restaurant steak I have ever had was at Squires Loft in Toorak Road in Sth Yarra. I was ‘made’ to order a medium steak by the waiter at the time, and it was divine, I must admit. But rare? Uh-uh. SOrry, you can keep that blood to yourself….

    • Rare isn’t for everyone, I know that. But, the reason I like rare steak now is because I was brought a rare steak in error once instead of a medium steak. I ate it so as not to make a fuss and LOVED it!

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