I Met Alfred Escher!

It was Auffahrt here in Switzerland yesterday. Well, really, it was Auffahrt everywhere yesterday, now I think about it, but obviously it has a different name, depending on where you are. Anyway, it was the Feast of the Ascension, a public holiday in a lot of countries in Europe. The sun shone and it was a gorgeous day.

I went out for a walk up and down the hills around here with my pal, which is what I normally do on a Thursday. We met loads of cyclists talking the opportunity of a day off to get out in the sunshine and a few other folks out walking which we don’t normally see. But that wasn’t the only thing out of the ordinary we saw.

Filming up at the engine. See the old-fashioned clock face!

When we got to the Bahnhof/railway station here in the Village of the Damned, we saw some people milling about and the steam train standing at the station. When we crossed the lines, we saw people dressed in period costume and realised that there was filming going on. Exciting! We watched for a while and listened to the film people give directions. We noticed that the face on the station clock had been changed from the standard SBB clock face to an old-fashioned clock face and a wall had been erected with olde-time signage for baggage. It was a great thing to see.

Alfred Escher getting makeup on his hands while and olde-time porter holds a suitcase.

I’m annoyed with myself that I wasn’t brave enough to ask the actors who went on break for a photo opp, their costumes were gorgeous. But I was brave enough to approach the actor having makeup applied to his hands what film they were making. He told me they were making a film called Die Schweizer/The Swiss and it was about Alfred Escher, the Swiss banking and railway pioneer. As he spoke, I realised he had the same beard and hairdo as the statue of Alfred Escher outside the Z├╝rich Hauptbahnhof. I asked him, “So are you Alfred Escher then?” He smiled and nodded. So, I spoke to Alfred Escher yesterday (even if it was just an actor playing him), not everyone can claim that. I’ll be looking out for the film in the future.

And just to finish, a quick video of the steam train whistling.

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  1. Gee you have the best life. I can see why you want to stay there forever.

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