Bangkok by Remote!

Mr Mac is in Bangkok this week. He’s got a brilliant city view from his hotel room which, by the magic of iPhones and this whole living-in-the-future thing, I managed to take a picture of. Ignore my hair. I desperately need to see my hairdresser.

In other news, I’m about to make some big changes on this here blog. After nearly eight years of recording our comings and goings here, I’ve finally decided to buy myself a domain name. (Previously, Mr Mac has asked, “Would you like your own website?” And I’d answer, “Nahh, I probably won’t even be blogging this time next year….”) Soon enough, you’ll be reading this on (don’t bother going there now- I’ve no idea what’s going on.) This means that the blog won’t be private any more. However, I’m changing platform to WordPress which means that I’ll be able to update with news about the boys but make them password protected. So, Grandparents, good friends and people I know and trust will be able to read the news about the boys but not GenPop. It’s a big change, going back to being an open blog but I miss writing drivel about films I’ve watched, books I’ve read etc which, while this blog is private, I never see much point in writing. I’m aso hoping that it’ll encourage me to write more, take more photos, improve at both and maybe even one day, write something worth reading.

So, that’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. Wish me luck!

Updated: Mr Mac has just posted this photo of the Sunrise Temple in Bangkok. *cries*

11 thoughts on “Bangkok by Remote!

  1. What a great thing to be doing. i like the password idea. love the pics too

  2. Woo hoo! Loving the site, looks great. Look forward to following all your future adventures on your own corner of t’internet. Mwah x

  3. Cool! I’ve missed going and reading your blogs. I’ve not been back to it since the advent of Myspace which I don’t go to any longer now that I frequent Facebook.

  4. WOW! Exciting! Yes, good luck indeed, Stella <3
    See you there then…….

  5. Well it’s looking great here – and you’re so right about the privacy thing! Bangkok eh? It must be soooooooo hard doing his job!!

  6. Interesting! I was never able to follow your Blogger account (and never asked) but I’ve added this to my Google Reader list.

    I had similar problems over privacy while blogging. I used to use LiveJournal for my more personal stuff where I could set my entries as Public, Friends Only or Private. It helped when I was saying terrible things about my work.

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