Easter Monday in the Venosta Valley

On Easter Monday, the sun came out. We were on our way home but I managed to grab these photos of the Venosta Valley and the mountains with no cloud. They’re not the best because the sun was very unhelpful in being right where I didn’t need it to be at the only time of day I had an opportunity to take the photos. Pfft!

See the croci?

Schloss Fürstenbürg in Burgeis/Burgusio.

The Venosta Valley and the Amazing Alps.

2 thoughts on “Easter Monday in the Venosta Valley

  1. How I miss reading your blog! Ok really I must go at least once a week or at night if I find some extra time after running around all day.. I LOVE Your photos and hope you will keep that going… At least know you’ve got one fan who misses that beauty!

  2. Thanks, Jen. We’ve been friends a long time through the blogs, huh? 🙂

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