The Timeline of the Great Washing Machine Incident, 2012

>We got our new washing machine delivered yesterday. It’s really quite lovely, as washing machines go; 8kg, timer, electronic display, time saver (without the time saver option your average 40° wash takes 2hrs 38mins. I ask you, who is washing anything for that long in a washing machine?) and all the bells & whistles. But, man, I had to fight dirty for it. I wasn’t fighting dirty for a new washing machine; just any washing machine which functioned would have worked. Here’s how it went down:

  • Thursday Washing machine broke down. Mr Mac called the landlord’s agent. “Electrolux will call to make an appointment.”
  • Friday No call from Electrolux. I realised washing machine is a Siemens. Flew to Athens.
  • Saturday Athens, wonderful, told Mr Mac washing machine is a Siemens
  • Sunday Athens, wonderful, home
  • Monday Mr Mac called landlord’s agent to inform them we’d made a mistake, “Washing machine is a Siemens,” they told us Siemens will call to make an appointment. No call from Siemens. Meanwhile, laundry was piling up so I started handwashing.
  • Tuesday Electrolux called. I told them we’d made a mistake- cool. No call from Siemens. Mr Mac called landlord’s agent who informed us, “I’ll call Siemens again, they will call you.” More handwashing which resulted in huge blister on thumb of my left hand from wringing out Mr Mac’s underwear.
  • Wednesday No call from Siemens. Mr Mac called landlord’s agent who informed us, “I’ll call Siemens again, they will call you.”
  • Thursday No call from Siemens. Mr Mac called landlord’s agent who informed us, “I’ll call Siemens again, they will call you.” Mr Mac and I searched for Siemens’ service number and called them. Siemens say, “We’ve had absolutely no word from your landlord’s agent. First appointment we can make for you is next Wednesday afternoon.” We heaved a big sigh. Took a load of loaundry down to the local Wascherei, paid a fortune to have it washed for us.
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Easter weekend) Drove to the Südtirol and had a beautiful weekend in the mountains.
  • Tuesday Looked at my mountain of laundry. Started to cry a little.
  • Wednesday The repair man came. Recommended that the washine machine be replaced because it’s so old (10 years of washing for us lot, I’d want to break down too. Oh…. hang on…) Repair man called the landlord’s agent who agreed yes, a new machine is in order. Repair man told me I could expect to wait two to three days. Siemens would call to make an appointment to have a new one delivered.
  • Thursday I waited patiently. No phone call. From either Siemens or my landlord’s agent.
  • Friday I waited patiently. No phone call. From either Siemens or my landlord’s agent.
  • Saturday & Sunday I watched as the mountain of laundry got bigger and bigger but remained hopeful that I’d get a call in the morning to organise a delivery time of a new machine.
  • Monday. I waited patiently. No phone call. From either Siemens or my landlord’s agent. I called Siemens and asked them when I could expect delivery. Siemens informed me, “Nobody has ordered a new washing machine for you.” I called the landlord’s agent to ask her what’s happening (I cried during this phone call, I’m not proud of that). She had no idea and told me, “Well, I didn’t speak to any repair man! I’ll call Siemens and get back to you.” She didn’t bother getting back to me and then buggered off home early for Sechseläuten
  • Tuesday By this time I was absolutely furious. I called the landlord’s agent again and asked her why she couldn’t pick up the phone and call me? Why couldn’t she call Siemens? What the hell is going on with the washing machine? She told me to expect a new washing machine but asked me not to call Siemens directly any more because I’m not supposed to have any contact with them; that’s their job. I lost my rag. “But you haven’t called them! You can’t even call me! What is it you do at your desk? Dancing? Eating? Sleeping? Because you clearly aren’t working!” She asked me to remain civil. I told her to find out exactly when I could expect a new machine and to call me back by close of business. She didn’t call me back.
  • Wednesday I called the landlord’s agent again. She put me through to, I assume, her supervisor.  The supervisor told me it was too expensive to buy a new machine, I was to expect a repair. “That’s fine,” I said calmly, “but you need to tell me when I can expect a repair man to come around. I need to know this information. I’ve got a life, I’ve got appointments, I’ve got three almost adult children, a husband and no washing machine for the past three weeks. Nobody from your office has ever called me, nobody from your office has called Siemens. Why will nobody call me? Three weeks this has been going on, is that good service to you?” She agreed it’s not good service. She told me she’d find out when I could expect the repair man and would call me back. Ten minutes later she called me back to inform me I was to expect a new washing machine after all and a delivery service would make a delivery appointment. I thanked her and hung up. Another ten minutes later, the delivery service called and arranged (actually, dictated) to have the machine delivered the next morning.
  • Thursday The machine arrived. I spent all of yesterday washing.
I can only surmise that last Wednesday, when the supervisor (who, by the way, was the one who approved the purchase of a new machine while talking to repair man! So it’s two people’s incompetence I was dealing with in the end) told me that I was to expect a repair instead of replacement, she did that to get a rise out of me. Why else would she have called ten minutes later to inform me of the new machine? 
You know what, I really don’t care any more. I have the new machine and it’s so lovely (you know, as washing machines go) that I was tempted to email the supervisor and thank her for it. But, she might find that a little sarcastic, no? Anyway, it’s all over now. I can climb down off my high horse and get the laundry done.