Graun am Reschensee

For years my lovely Mum has been telling me about a place she visited, on a five country tour of Europe, when she was a young woman. A story about a valley which was flooded to make a lake and left a clock tower sticking out from the water. We mentioned it to a friend who has ridden a motorbike all around the world and he told us where it is, Graun am Reschensee, not more than a three hour drive from the Village of the Damned. We took Mum there last year when she came for a visit and it was gorgeous. As we were headed off on our Easter trip to the mountains, following our friends in their car, I was delighted to see we were heading there again. We stopped on the way home, when the sky was blue and took a couple of photos. I think it’s one of my favourite places to stop and have a coffee in the sunshine. (We didn’t stop last Sunday because it was bleeding perishing with an Alpine wind coming off the lake. Brrrrr!)