The soldiers who guard the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma, Athens, are called the Evzoni. I think they’re fantastic and not only cos they look like they could even manage to throw me over their shoulders. Last time Mr Mac and I were in Athens, we headed down to Syntagma Square for the big changing of the guard ceremony which takes place every Sunday morning. It’s quite the spectacular as the traffic is stopped for the band coming through and the new guard to march in to take their place. The marching is a slow and very choreographed affair , almost hypnotic and, I imagine, must be murder on the thighs*. This time though, Mr Mac and I only managed to see one of the more quiet affairs. Yes, you know it; I took photos.

One day, I’m going to find out exactly what all the little bits of the uniform represent. 

The Unknown Soldier’s tomb stands in front of the Greek Parliament building. The relief on the wall behind the tomb is “is a copy of an ancient warrior grave stele, depicting a hoplite lying dead on a small slab.” (from Wikipedia)

Murder on the thighs!

*The Greek govt should think about making an Evzoni workout dvd to trim thighs and buttocks. The weight loss/ body image industry could be the saviour of the Greek economy. You heard it here first, folks.