>365:353 Ikea Day


Patrick’s Christmas present this year is to have a more grown-up bedroom. So, a trip to IKEA was on the cards.

We did it today. We bought him a bed, a bookcase and a CD rack along with some soft furnishings. He bought himself a new computer chair and a cool shelf which goes along the back of the bedhead and into which, lovely little shelves slide; like bedside tables which can be hidden from view. I’m sure if you’ve looked at the IKEA bedroom sets, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I know when I first saw this bedroom setup, that was something I longed for. Patrick saw it and withdrew money from his savings to pay for it.

We had the obligatory plate of meatballs and by the time we’d got to the Market Hall where you can grab all the wee bits and pieces you’re sure you need but are not sure what for, I was sick of IKEA. While Mr Mac and Patrick picked up all the big bits of furniture from the store room, I played with the soft toys and lined these beagles all up in a row. I should get a job in IKEA. Ughh, the very thought.