365:350 Baelo Claudia


Today we drove from Cadiz to Malaga. On the way we stopped in at a fantastic archaeological site at the ancient Roman village of Baelo Claudia. For the tiny sum of €1.50 each, Mr Mac got to wander around this wonderful, atmospheric historical site.

The village has the ruins of a forum, market place, theatre, temples and the basilica with a statue of Trajan standing in the middle of it. What a great place.

Baelo Claudia is on the Strait of Gibraltar. We could see the continent of Africa from where we were standing. Amazing.

The large, modern, airy and light museum of Baelo Claudia. Great exhibition inside. All included in your €1.50.

Do you love this photo? I do.

Trajan standing in the basilica.

A fantastic view. I think I wouldn’t have minded being a Roman lady with a house with that view.

Also on the way from Cadiz to Malaga, Mr Mac stopped in at a special lookout point on the Strait of Gibraltar.  We spent about half an hour looking over the sea at Morocco. All time I was thinking, “I reckon I could swim that…..”

Mr Mac “touching” Morocco.

14kms away from Morocco. I sent a text message from here to Twitter saying, “I can see Africa from here.” It was sent on a Moroccan phone network. I still reckon I could swim that.

The cafe with a view. Also, some weird and wonderful souvenirs. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth checking out.