365:349 Simon Bolivar


Simon Bolivar, the man they named Bolivia after. Dude either spent some time or was born in Cadiz. Or something.

Mr Mac went off to his meeting today, bright and early. Well, I say “bright” but we went down to breakfast together at 8am and the sun had only just risen by 8:30am, when he met his colleagues and headed to the dockyard at San Fernando. I decided at breakfast not to go back to bed and instead, start my sightseeing day. One of Mr Mac’s colleagues had told me last night about the tour bus of Cadiz so I decided to spend my day based around that.

The bus took me from the Playa Victoria all the way to the town. The recorded tour guide was great and gave lots of lovely little nuggets of interesting information to think about on the ride around the city. Cadiz is not such a big place, however so the tour didn’t take long. Still, €15 for 24hrs access to the bus is not a bad price.

As well as the tour bus, I also did a lot of walking, exploring and taking photos. The weather was damn near perfect and the views across the sea were gorgeous. Naturally, I didn’t manage to see everything I wanted to while in Cadiz, which just means that one day, I’ll have to go back!


I saw this couple from the top deck of the bus and thought they could have been my lovely in-laws! 🙂

Cadiz’s city gates.

Cadiz residential buildings which overlook the sea.

Looking over the Mediterranean.

One of the tour buses, sitting in front of Cadiz’s Cathedral.

Castillo de San Sebastian. I walked all the way out to this fascinating looking little island out in the sea. It was closed. I walked all the way back again.

The Playa de la Caleta, Cadiz’s only beach in the old town.

A quick break here. A good coffee, wifi, handsome waiter and a clean toilet all for €1.50. Bargain!

Palm trees!

My coffee view. Bliss!

Cadiz’s cathedral.

Interior of Cadiz Cathedral. The Choir, locked behind gates, What do those naughtly little choirboys get up to in there?

The high altar. The interior of Cadiz Cathedral is very beautiful. I had to pay €3 to take a quick tour. I don’t really agree with this but the ticket included entry to the crypt and the museum. I was the only person in the whole cathedral (granted, it’s relatively small). I was terrified to go into the crypt on my own. Scaredy cat.

Plaza de la Catedral. You can’t see it very well but there’s a little old lady at the window, one floor up, next to the palm tree in the orange building. She was having a very loud conversation with another old lady standing on the street below. This went on all over Cadiz. Oh, to have been able to understand all that gossip!

Another shot from the Plaza de la Catedral.

Paco Alba. Apparently the creator of La Comparsa.  I don’t know what La Comparsa is.

I think this is Trajan.

I think this might be the prettiest corner in all of Cadiz.