365:348 Cadiz


A few weeks ago, it emerged that Mr Mac had to go to Cadiz for a meeting. He asked if I woud like to accompany him. After about a nanosecond of consideration, I agreed. We stretched it out into a long weekend, two nights in Cadiz and two nights in Malaga.

We flew to Malaga and then drove the hire car to Cadiz which took a good couple of hours. A it was pleasant drive though and well worth the effort when I saw where our hotel was. Right on the beach; the Playa Victoria! By the time we got there and got settled in, the sun was already starting to set and the sky was absolutely beautiful.

Our hotel. Right on the beach!

Our hotel room…. looking right out onto the beach!

Me ‘n’ him. Out on the beach!

Paddling. The water was freezing. I still loved it though.

And the sun setting……

After we’d messed about on the beach for a bit, we headed out to a bar not far from the hotel and ordered ourselves a couple of drinks. I ordered a gin & tonic. The waitress brought the bottle of Tanqueray (she asked me which gin I’d like and it was the first one which came to mind) to the table with two huge glasses. She poured the gin into the glass. And kept pouring. And kept pouring. At some point I realised I was supposed to say stop. I did, eventually.

Now that’s service for you.


(And then we had dinner and went to bed, etc.)