>375:324 Sunday Night Pasta


A delicious, easy pasta which always goes down well with the boys; Bacon, Pea and Sage in a creamy sauce. Patrick found the recipe a couple of years ago in one of his Gordon Ramsay cook books. It quickly became a family favourite.

 If you want to have a go at making it, you need:

Bacon cubes
Peas (frozen is fine)
Sage, chopped
Salt & Pepper

While the water is on the boil for the  pasta, fry off the bacon cubes (or bits or chopped slices, whatever you like) and ones the fat is sizzling in the bottom of the pan, throw in the chopped sage.

Add the cream once the sage has filled your kitchen with its gorgeous aroma and bring to the boil. Turn down to a simmer and throw in the peas, simmer until the peas are cooked.

The pasta water should be on a rolling boil by now so time to cook your pasta.

Add grated parmesan to your creamy sauce and season as you like.

When the pasta is cooked to your liking, drain and stir the sauce through thoroughly.

Buon appetito!