>365:323 Book Pile


Oh dear. I went a bit silly when I was in LA, buying books. How could I not? Not only did Keris and I find a huge Barnes & Noble at the top of the Third St Promenade in Santa Monica but our local was right next door to a fantastic wee bookshop, Small World Books, on the Venice boardwalk.

Fun fact: In one of our (Keris and my) favourite tv shows, the afore-mentioned Gilmore Girls, Jess (a character) actually goes into Small World Books for a browse. ‘citing!

While we were in Small World Books, I picked up the travel log at the top of the pile and the guide book to Los Angeles and Southern California.

Since moving to Switzerland, I’ve discovered that my favourite thing to do is to travel; see places; experience different foods, people, things. When I looked at this little travel log (with handy pen/pencil holder) I instantly knew I had to have it. There are three sections; one to write your inspiration and dreams of places to travel, one to plan trips and one to record the trips you’ve been on. I’m already filling the orange section with notes on places I need to see before I die (currently obsessed by the Northern Lights)

I love to read guide books about different cities. Especially at night, while I’m on my holiday, visiting that place. I love to read about the history of the city I’m visiting and planning the next day’s tour while lying in bed, winding down from the day’s sightseeing. And then, of course, reading even more on the way home, wondering why I didn’t see this or that and planning a second visit around the sights I missed.

And then in Barnes & Noble I picked up the two David Sedaris books; Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk and Holidays on Ice. It took me a long time to discover David Sedaris, who writes hilarious essays, observing his life and relationships with self-deprecating and dry humour (my favourite kind of humour) I look forward to opening these two books soon and having a laugh.

Finally at Barnes & Nobles, I found Listography (Your Life in Lists); an utterly self-indulgent book of lists all about me. I fill in the lists with my lists of things, people, places I love etc. I fill it in when I feel like it and maybe one day, when I’m dead the boys’ll get a kick out reading all about their mother. I did say it was utterly self-indulgent, didn’t I?

Self-indulgence, like everything in life, is good for you in moderation. It’s the moderation bit I have to get right.