365:315 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.


Day Two in Los Angeles started slowly but surely. We both had some chat with our families vie Skype and Facetime (I tell, it’s amazing this being able to see your loved ones from so far away and so easily.) before we got dressed and headed out to start the day. First up in the agenda was to find some brunch. Keris is a Starbucks fan so we made our way to a Starbucks we’d seen the night before and fuelled ourselves to get out onto the beach with the intention of walking to Santa Monica Pier for a go on the big wheel down there.

We walked out on Venice Pier and watched some surfers waiting for the big waves…

I thought I saw actor Ed Harris at one point but then talked myself out of it. Surely it was wishful thinking.

We walked all the way down (2.5 miles or 4km) the Venice Boardwalk, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells (huge waves of dope every now and then.) I loved it. I can see that the Venice Boardwalk and its hippies, hipsters, homeless and casual begging might not appeal to everyone but I thought it was a wonderful place (you know, apart from the homelessness and casual begging, “Have you got 25c? Oh,cool. Thanks, have you got any more you can give me?”). I kept thinking as I walked how much Mr Mac and the boys would love it. Especially with all the musicians, dog walkers, skateboarders and jewellery stalls.

Seen from another angle, this was a V, presumably for Venice. However, from here it looked like a K for Keris to me.

The red and white Sidewalk Cafe & Bar was to become our local.

Lunch on the beach!

Botox on the beach! Medical Marijuana! A world away from the Village of the Damned!

I even took my shoes off and paddled for a bit.

While we were paddling, Keris and I just happened to be looking at exactly the right spot at the right moment and we were thrilled to see a dolphin jumping over the waves. Keris says in her blog, “I think that was the moment I realised the trip was going to be a bit fabulous…” and she’s so right.

We made it to Santa Monica Pier which we could see as we walked from Venice.

We enjoyed the spectacular views from the top of the big wheel while listening to the waves of the ocean below us as the wheel went round and round. Like a wheel does. It was while on Santa Monica pier, we saw the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (from the photo at the top) a US chain restaurant with good seafood and made plans to come back for dinner the next night.
Then we, walked back up to Venice- via the Sidewalk Cafe and Bar where we grabbed a very quick but excellent burger- and got into the car to head out to Burbank for a studio tour. 
Venice California, I love that place!