>365:185 Royals Mad


Here’s something I never thought of. It seems the Swiss can go a bit mad for Royal Families. Not only the British royal family but all the European royals too. Whenever there’s a royal wedding on in Europe, it’s televised live on Swiss or German tv (I was v disappointed that the Swedish royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling wasn’t to be found on British tv (that I could find)) and as you can see from the photo, there are even magazines devoted to royal news.

I didn’t buy this one but I did buy a copy of Schweizer Illustrierte today because it promised all the details of the wedding of Charlene Wittstock to Prince Albert of Monaco. When I opened it I was disappointed to discover that actually, there wasn’t any wedding photos, only a blurb about the bride, who I’m really not interested at all. My mistake which I have learned from- wait for Tuesday when the new issue comes out.

I love a royal wedding, I do. I love all the pageantry and costumery and the chivalry. It’s all like one big fairy tale for me. But seriously, if you ever see me reading Royal News, give me a good hard slap!