365:184 Passo del Foscagno


Oh, waaaaah! Do I have to go home? Yes, yes I do. But first, this: After breakfast this morning (a pleasant affair which, for me, consisted of ham, cheese, bread & butter with a teeny bit of bacon on the side and a cappuccino) Mr Mac and I went for another walk around Bormio in the morning sunshine. We were amazed to find a lot more to it than we did last night. Look how beautiful Bormio is.

One of Bormio’s many bars, located on a main street in the old town.

The collegiate church of Sts Gervasio & Protasio. There are another two churches within about 200m from here. One is a very old, tiny little church with frescoes peeling from the walls and a cobbled stone floor….

The other is covered in scaffolding and closed so I couldn’t get any photos of it.

Mr Mac and I went inside the new church to have a look around but it was packed to the rafters with holy people celebrating Mass.

So Mr Mac and I had another cappuccino in the shade there and soaked up some atmos before we had to go home.

After our two delicious cappuccinos (€3! You can barely buy one cappuccino in Switzerland for that!) we made our way back to our hotel to pack and check out. We were told by staff not to hurry, there was plenty of time; despite our teething troubles, we’ll definitely stay there again. We paid the bill and got on the road.

We wanted to take a different route back to Switzerland than the one we came on, naturally. We looked at the maps and decided to drive through Livigno on the way home. We didn’t know it at the time but to get to Livigno from Bormio you have to take another mountain pass, the Passo del Foscagno– see the photo at the top.

What a beautiful part of the world, high up in the Italian Alps with views to die for.

Of course, a little church. There’s always a little church.

And even though we were already 2291m above seal level, surrounded by even higher and higher peaks to climb. (Not by me, I hasten to add.)

“You must be this high to have your photo taken at the pass summit”? Of course not, that is the “Customs” sign which confused the bejeezus out of us. Had wondered if we’d driven into Austria or Switzerland without realising it. Why else would there be a customs station? The answer became clear eventually.

Luckily for us, there was an Alpine Festival going on at the summit today. There were loads of cars and people leaving the tiny church just as we arrived. After church, the congregation all crossed over to a tent where ladies were serving some delicious looking lunches while a band played and old gents in these gorgeous hats wandered around talking to each other.

But soon Mr Mac and I had to hop back in the car and make our way onto the road to Livigno.

We found our way soon enough, filled up with the cheapest petrol we’d seen in Europe recently and then onto our way home. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that we found out about Livigno’s tax-free status; hence the super-cheap petrol and the customs station. D’oh! Had we known that, we could have parked and given the old credit cards & smugglers box (spare wheel well in the boot) a proper work out.

I always find a reason to go back. We’ll do it all again one day.