365:146 Oh no! I forgot to take a photo for 26/5/11. This is why.


Well, it had to happen. We had to come home, didn’t we? Mr Mac and I had a flight home from New York on Wed evening. We managed to secure a 1pm (only an hour or so later than the normal time) checkout from our hotel so we got up in the morning, did a spot of souvenir shopping in the Times Square area and eventually checked out from our New York home right on time. The hotel provided a luggage holding service so we managed to squeeze a few more hours of wandering and eating, NY style, out of the last day of our holiday.

One of the things we knew we would definitely have to do on our last day was to go to City Lobster restaurant and partake of their lunchtime special. We’d passed the resto a couple of times during our stay and every time we did I would look wistfully at the menu and wonder to Mr Mac if was time to have one of their lobster rolls yet? I mean lobster. And roll. Lobster. In bread. It’s like the food that George Clooney would serve to me in my paradise, isn’t it?

So, on our last day we did it. We went to City Lobster and had lobster roll for our last New York meal. The restaurant did a special lunch menu of three courses for $28 which we thought was an absolute steal. As our starter, we had their BLT Wedge, a wedge of iceberg lettuce served with bacon and tomatoes and dressed with a blue cheese dressing to die for. So fresh and delicious.

We ordered the much-anticipated City’s Downeast Lobster Roll for our main, or “entree” as our American cousins would have it. It came out served with coleslaw and lovely fat chips/fries and didn’t disappoint. We both got stuck in and ate with gusto, only pausing between mouthfuls to exclaim to each other, “Oh my god! How good is this?”

And then for our dessert, even though we were both completely stuffed full with lobster, chips and salad, we ordered Key Lime Pie off the menu. Mr Mac, a long-time fan of Key Lime pie thought is was lovely. Given that I had been looking forward for years to trying a slice of Key Lime pie, I was surprised to find I didn’t like it much at all. There was something about the flavour of the limes that didn’t quite sit right with me. I suspect it was in the zest. I’m not a fan of lemon zest much either.

But anyway, the lobster roll was what we went for. The lobster roll was the star of the show and fully deserving of its role as our last meal in the Big Apple.

Go there, try it, you won’t be sorry.