365:142 Margarita & a Fresh Tattoo

What a day, what a day we had. Mr Mac and I wandered all around Manhattan on this overcast, sometimes rainy Sunday. To start with, we ate a proper American breakfast in a diner called Lindy’s not far from Times Square. Eggs, toast, bacon, sausages (we split the bacon and sauasages option between us) and real New York coffee (actually, not that bad.)

Well fuelled for the rest of the day (or, at least a couple of hours, anyway) we got on our feet and walked in the general direction of Rockefeller Plaza. You can imagine how easy it was to find a 70 storey building in the middle of New York. No, really, it was quite easy. Navigating Manhattan really is quite straightforward. Mr Mac, our resident 30 Rock fanboy was thrilled, thrilled, I tell you when we found 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

I was thrilled, thrilled, I tell you when I discovered that Rockefeller Plaza has free wifi so I would be able to send some showy-off tweets and pictures to Twitter. We were both equallly thrilled to find the NBC shop packed to the rafters with merchandising from some of our favourite comedies like Arrested Development, The Office and of course, 30 Rock. After spending far too much money on junk, we made enquiries about going to the top of the GE building, Top of the Rock. We were disappointed to discover that the weather was against us and there was zero visibility from the top of the building. So, we made other plans. Fifth Avenue, baby!

One of the places I was itching to visit while in New York was St Patrick’s Cathedral. We just stumbled across it. We went inside with the intention of taking a little tour but there was a mass on so I decided to come back another time when mass was not being said. We had a look at the timetable, those Catholic New Yorkers have good service; there’s mass on in that cathedral nearly all day! St Patrick’s eventually went on the list of places we simply have to go back to New York to see another time but what I saw of it for the few moments I was inside it, I saw it’s absolutely gorgeous.

There was no mass going on inside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue but that’s not to say that the Apple fanboys weren’t in heaven. Certainly Mr Mac was excited to have found his Mecca. Seriously, folks. It’s just a shop selling overpriced, overstyled electronics. (“I’ll have a pretty white MacBook when you have time, please.”) However, it does have free wifi so while Mr Mac went around wrestling spotty and badly-coiffed German teenage tourists to the ground for the chance of a play on a MacBook Air, I tweeted some more pictures and sat sneering at all the drones. (“Yes, I’d love to update to the new iPad2, thanks.”) To calm Mr Mac down from his Apple high, we went for a wee coffee before embarking on a stroll through Central Park.

You know how there are some things in life you get a bee in your bonnet about and just have to see? Well this is one of mine, the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. I’ve long been a fan of this sculpture angel since seeing her in the mini-series Angels in America. She was just as gorgeous as I imagined she would be, even if the weather on the day made taking a decent photo of her nigh on impossible (for me, the inexperienced one with a camera).

We loved Central Park and its views of the Upper East and West Manhattan. We walked half of the length of the park with the aim of spending the remainder of the rainy afternoon visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, once we arrived we saw the queues were ridiculous, given that the MET had an Alexander McQueen exhibition. We decided we simply didn’t want to spend 45 minutes standing with sweaty thronging masses and left. Of course I’m kicking myself now because when will I get the chance to see an Alexander McQueen exhibition again?

Anyway, we hopped into a taxi back to our hotel room. My life flashed before my eyes as we appeared to have chosed the most kamikaze driver in the whole of New York City. As we weaved in and out of the lanes down Fifth Avenue Mr Mac held my hand and said, “If e don’t survive this, I will always love you.” So that was sweet. In the meantime, the Bangladeshi driver played Mr & Mrs with us, asking, “How long you been married? So long? No babies? Three babies? Where your babies?”

We had a short break in our hotel room to decompress, rest our feet and eat some delicious baked goods from the Magnolia Bakery. We made plans to see a film in the evening and so after an hour or so we hit the streets again.

Our plans to see a movie were short lived as it turned out that the sun kind of came out for the evening. We decided instead to stroll in the opposite direct from where we’d been earlier and go looking for the Flatiron district. We took a walk down Broadway; I was nearly killed by a speeding, full-sirens-blaring police car as I tried to cross the road at exactly the wrong moment. Yikes. It wasn’t really that long a walk to the Flatiron building where we took our obligatory tourist photos.

From there we kept on walking, walking, walking (via another Sephora) until we reached Washington Square Park.

And from there we ended up in the East Village where we channelled our inner rebellious teenagers and got tattoos like kids on holiday away from their parents for the first time.

And then, after dinner, as if we hadn’t already had, like, the best. day. evah! when we got out of our taxi, which dropped us off near Times Square, we only saw rapper-turned-actor Ice T and his wife, Coco, at an event to promote a line of lingerie (or something) Coco had designed.

End of Sunday.