>365:139 Birthday Necklace from My Boys


My birthday is actually the 20th May, which, if you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll probably already know, because, believe me, I’m not shy about telling people about it.

Because of all the preparations for Mr Mac and me to go to New York (I got my hair cut and coloured today), and because our boys are growing up and have jobs and social lives, etc, Mr Mac chose to give me my birthday present from him and the boys a day early, when we could all be together. Actually, Patrick was working but we had a lovely grill dinner out on the balcony with Mum, Mr Mac, James and Ewan. As you can see, my birthday present is a necklace with the letters, P, J & E on it. Mum asked, “So what does that mean?” No really, she did.

But you don’t need to ask, do you?