365:93 Nordwand*

We didn’t want to waste the lovely weekend weather so we made plans on Saturday to do something nice on Sunday. After uhmming and ahhing a bit about whether or not to take a quick trip to Ticino for the day, I asked Mr Mac, “Why don’t you take me to see the Eiger?”

Mr Mac had been on a trip to the Eiger and the Jungfraujoch some years ago with business but I’d never been there and it’s somewhere I’d longed to go for many years. As corny as it sounds, probably since seeing The Eiger Sanction on the tv as a many moons ago. Mr Mac planned our route, bought our train tickets online that night and we set the alarm to get us up and out of the house by 8:30 the next morning. Of course, we asked the boys did they want to come with us but they didn’t. (I always ask them if they want to come but I also always know the answer.)

So, we drove from the Village of the Damned down to Interlaken (Ost) where we parked the car and took a train to Lauterbrunnen. From Lauterbrunnen, the last place you can take your car to- no cars allowed on the mountain, we hopped on the cogwheel train to Kleine Scheidegg, a tiny little nestling of hotels at the foot of the Eiger. On the way we passed Wengen, the most beautiful looking ski town with amazing views from the side of the mountain. Nothing was as cool as finally making it to the top of the train line at Kleine Scheidegg though and seeing the North Face* of the Eiger looking dark and imposing and gigantic, overlooking the village of Grindelwald. It was the most wonderful day. As I sat eating my lunch (Wurst-Käse Salat, of course) while looking at the most impressive mountains, immense rockfaces and glaciers (glaciers!), I had one of those moments when you can’t believe where life has taken you. Such a great day out.

The Jungfrau, one of the three mountains which make up the ridge of mountains which the Eiger is part of.

Me and the Nordwand.
Mönch on the left, Jungfrau on the right and the Jungfraujoch in the middle. With glaciers! Glaciers!
There is a train which takes you to the top of the moutains. It takes you through (through!) the Eiger where it stops a couple of times and you can look out from the North Face. There’s an observation centre at the top and a view across the Jungfrau-Aletsch Protected Area. Mr Mac and I didn’t do that this time. Mainly because I want to go back and now I have an excuse to do it. And soon.

The view from Kleine Scheidegg down to Grindelwald.

Learning to ski in the shadow of the Eiger, how cool would that be? There was still plenty of skiing to be done and from where we ate lunch, we saw at least four different ski lifts. We watched people of all ages whoosh past the hotel, making skiing look so effortless and classy. One day…

The view on the way up the mountain from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg. Beautiful!
View down the mountain to carless paradise, Wengen. Surely a weekend mini-break destination one day.