365:30 That Dream Bedroom I Was Carrying On About…


The pillow cases have ribbons on them! (perfect for inhaling in the night and choking on- pretty though)

When I was at IKEA the other day (I know, I’m a bit heavy on the IKEA refs right now) buying new pillows* and I saw this gorgeous quilt cover set which I had to have. Isn’t it gorgeous?


The start of my dream bedroom plans which I said a couple of days ago would have to wait but now I’m getting impatient.

In case you’re wondering what my dream bedroom plans are, it might look a little like this, with a different coloured wall, obvs… or this, but without all those pillows. Who wants to make a bed like that every day? Beds like that are for chamber maids to make up, no?

What do you think? (About the dream bedrooms. But I’m also interested in how many throw cushions you have on your bed and whether or not you can be bothered to make it look pretty daily ;-) )

* You know those ones which are like foam bricks but then melt to the shape of your head? Trying them for the first time. Well, we tried a version of them which were a little softer a few years ago and they were in dire need of replacing. Anyway, I’m loving the IKEA one. Very comfortable and great to sleep on. They haven’t cured my current bout of sciatica though which is disappointing.

365:29 Just Doin’ This Now


Years and years ago, back in Melbourne, I used to watch a tv show about, of all things, quilting. I know, it’s hardly what you’d expect from the sex, drugs ‘n’ rock & roll image I’ve drawn for myself but I used to be glued to it. It was an older American woman showing how to build traditional American quilt patterns and occasionally she roped her 20’s-30’s (year old) daughter in to help. Some of the quilts were truly gorgeous and I’ve often thought about how I’d love one of my own in the traditional wedding ring pattern. There was no way I’d have a go at making one though; Quilt Lady had to do an awful lot of ironing and there seemed to be far too much faffing about which, at the time, I had no patience for.

Fast forward 12 years or so. I was at a friend’s (Hi India!), a quilter for a couple of years. I was admiring a gorgeous fabric she had used in a patchwork cushion cover and then, the next time I saw her, she had only done and bought me a pack of the charm squares containing a few squares of the same gorgeous printed cotton. She said to me at the time, “So, you can either just look at them and stroke them and admire them, or, you can have a go at quilting yourself and I’ll help you if you need.” So, I’ve been giving it a go. I’m saving the lovely charm squares for when/if I ever get any better at it. Instead, I spent yesterday cutting up a couple of old IKEA quilt covers into largish squares and today, I got stuck in to making a load of patchwork blocks to piece together into a brand new quilt.

I made the nine blocks today and now I’m starting to realise how flaming difficult it’s going to be sewing them together, picking a backing & a binding sewing all that together and then quilting it after all that palaver. But I have to do it now because Patrick asked, “Is that for me? You haven’t made me anything yet!” and it appears he’s quite looking forward to it.

So, no pressure then?

365:27 I Want That One


At Christmas, Mr Mac bought me a couple of new lighting fixtures for our lounge/dining room. One of them, in the sofa area, is dangly with crystals and those flat shells (actually, here’s a picture of it. I love it.). It makes a gorgeous tinkly noise whenever one of us giants brushes our head underneath it. (We could have hung it higher but I didn’t want to.) Anyway, I’m now a little obsessed with lighting. Mr Mac and I have plans to do a little work in a couple of the rooms in our Wohnung this year. I want to get the laundry room sorted out with proper cupboards and a bench. We also want to sort out the study into a place where we can both have a desk to work at* and a place for playing Xbox and a place to put guests when they come to stay. (You can come and stay! And you can come and stay!)

I also want my dream bedroom. That’ll probably have to wait.

So, lighting has been part of all this. I’ve been pinning chandeliers, for chandeliers are my thing right now, with gusto on Pinterest (see my board, The Hoose****) and every where we go, I’ve been looking at lighting, seeing how it completes a room’s furnishings, etc. I went for a quick trip to IKEA yesterday and saw some lovely light fixtures. The one at the top of the post, I imagine having either side of the bed. I also liked this one…


Perhaps for the laundry room because why shouldn’t a laundry room be lovely too? And this one…


If only they had more colour to them. To Pinterest, my friends!

*Searches colourful chandeliers on Pinterest*

*you should see me now- sitting on the sofa with a pouffe** between my legs, laptop sitting on top of an IKEA shelf organiser on top of the pouffe. I’ll never be an award winning diarist/blogger/writer/whatever*** like that!
**I say pouffe, it’s an IKEA footrest thingy. It cost, I think, 20CHFs and we bought it the first time my mother-in-law came to stay, for her to put her feet up. It has been indispensable as a footrest, a desk ;-) and extra seating.
***Tongue firmly in cheek, I assure you.
****See also my board, Penguins and Polar Bears and make your day

365:26 Gone Swimmin’


I met Mr Mac at the pool after work for a swim. I normally swim during working hours and/or at weekends so I wasn’t prepared for just how busy it was. Even though it was snowing something shocking outside, all the good Swiss had turned up in droves for their swimming classes, swimming club and after-work work-outs. A pool which normally has eight lanes for swimming lengths was so busy that only two were open for lengths, one of which was for Schnellswimmer, the fast guys. I ain’t a fast swimmer, that’s for sure. I can swim for a long time but I reckon I could be described as enthusiastic, at best.

Anyway, despite the Picadilly-like circumstances of the pool, we had a good swim. I had bought us new gobbles (the boys used to call them that, now we always do*) and while I was in the swimming section of Athleticum, I saw these swimming paddle things which promise to improve your technique, give a little more strength and something else and something else. I had seen other, more experienced and flasher, swimmers using them so I thought I would give them a go. You basically just stick them on your hands, like one-sided, un-flexible, plastic gloves and then get on with it. They certainly worked at giving me a better work-out! My arms felt the strain and my lungs were gasping for more air so I reckon they’re worth the money. If they improve my technique, all the better. Oh, one of the something else they were supposed to improve was endurance. Since the big swimming goal this year is to swim across Lake Zürich, (twice! Once at 1.5km crossing. I’ve done that (3x *flicks hair*) before, easy peasy. The second a 2.5km crossing- yikes!) they should help.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

*See also: Slipdips for slippers (my in-laws also call them that so I suspect that comes from when Mr Mac was little) and Motmol for remote control (and this one, from when my baby brother was learning to talk (he’s now 35))

365:25 Snow-Capped Mistletoe & Blaue Störungen


Another day, another walk around the Pfäffikersee. I came across this ridiculously picture-skew tree with snow-capped mistletoe sucking the life out of it.

And then, a few paces later, this picture-skew fishing pier…


And my picture-skew husband on a bridge, part of my “Mr Mac on Bridges” series


And then, later, some blaue Störungen, literally blue interruptions, the breaks in the cloud where you see gorgeous blue sky behind it.


365:24 A Day of Knitting and The Good Wife


A supremely lazy day, this is all I had to show for it by the time bedtime came around.

Oh, and catching up with The Good Wife. I love The Good Wife although there are times when it makes me so angry I end up shouting at the tv and/or Mr Mac.


“Who are these people who think they can demand to know what others are doing and why?”

“What business is it of hers if he had a beer?”

One bloody beer! Why are they so puritanical?!?”

“Oh my god! I am so glad we don’t have a political system as shitty as that!”

And so on and so forth.

Oh, and I am suitably placated for the loss of Will Gardner (*wails*) by the introduction of Finn Polmar. (Rowr)

365:23 Day of Disappointment

Warning: First World Problems


Mr Mac and I got fully booted & suited yesterday to go for a swim. Oh, the flesh was willing but the pool was closed! Well, closed to swimmers not participating in the swimming carnival going on. So we got back in the car and when I checked my phone, there was a message from a friend asking had I “seen this?”

It was a screen shot from a news item informing the the world that The Black Keys had cancelled their European tour. Mr Mac and I were given tickets to the Zürich concert by James for our Christmas and it was the best! present! evah! And now it’s gone. It’s like Santa hates us.

Get well soon, Patrick Carney. I suppose.

365:22 Please Don’t Feed The Ducks

Awww, what? But really, they do give good reasons for it.


“Feeding the Ducks is harmful to all the animals and plants of this lake.

Bread is so unhealthy for ducks, it’s like letting your children eat sweets all day long.

Bread goes mouldy, makes the water fowl ill and attracts rats. (Rats! Ughh!)

Use up your leftover bread in your kitchen eg. for puddings, soups and breadcrumbs.”

So there you go.

My friend and I walked (nearly 11km) around the Pfäffikersee yesterday. It was tough going. Some of the paths were iced over like death-traps; we were on a fast day so no carbs to see us around; it was cold and my sweat was cold against my body; I had forgotten to bring my inhaler with me and I knew it so the whole walk was a psychological struggle to not have an asthma attack. But, hey! We did it. We walked from Auslikon to Pfäffikon, turned around and back again. Next time, twice the whole way around.

For our efforts we were treated to watching this great egret in flight…


…And this gorgeous view of Seegräben. I’m so lucky to live where I do.


See how filthy the back of mah troosers were? That’s how much hard work we did. ;-)