365:60 I HAZ A DESK!


I am a whole week behind with writing my posts. But! I have been aware of my self-imposed obligation. I’ve been making sure to take a photo each and every day and will be updating as quickly as possible. Well, now I have a desk all of my very own I want to put it to good use.

We are nearly finished in the study/gaming room/guest bedroom. I am very excited by the progress.

365:58 Home Improvement


This is the progress in the study/gaming room/guest bedroom. Honestly, if you’d seen the state of it before, this is like a palace in comparison already. My favourite thing is the lightshade and the way it throws the light on the wall. Another of my favourite things is getting my tall adultren (I just made that word up) to do the jobs which require me to stand on a chair. (Although I have now purchased a step-ladder, shutting the barn door after the horse bolted.)

365:57 Spring, are you ever coming back?


This was our weather on Thursday for a cheeky wee 6km walk around the Village of the Damned. Beautiful sunshine. I love sunshine so much. The streets were clear of snow (except one bit of black ice which I nearly broke my neck on), the sky was blue and the view across to the Alps was spectacular. That night, it snowed. I cried. I’m still crying.

365:53 When in Paris


Ahhhh, my Kir Royal. Call me a pretentious fool if you will (Moi?!?), but I do love a Kir Royal when in Paris. As part of Her Majesty’s 50th birthday celebrations, Helen, Doris and I headed into Paris to meet a couple more fab girlfriends for lunch at L’oisiveThé. Aimee, our gracious hostess, suggested we try L’oisiveThé’s brunch for 21.50€. Here’s what that looks like…


Two soft-boiled eggs with bread & brioche for dipping. Followed by your choice from the menu.


I chose the Whipped Four Cheese pastry with side salad. Yumm!

And washed it down with my favourite drink from the tea house (apart from a giant pot of Earl Grey, of course), Aimee’s Hipster Coffee. A latte served in a jam jar.



And finally, our party of five.


Oh, and then we went for a Kir Royal and back home.

The end.

365:51 Flambé, baby.


I’m in France to help my dear friend Helen celebrate her 50th (50th!) birthday. It’s actually her birthday today so I drove up so that I could have dinner with Helen & her family on the day. Then, while her (adult) children are working & studying, Helen & I have a weekend of debauchery planned with visits to strip clubs & tattoo parlours.

But back to tonight’s dinner! After a knocking together a fabulous chicken caesar salad, Helen’s chef son, Kevin, flambéed us some pineapple in dark rum. There was a little trouble getting the alcohol to light initially but when we suggested Kevin put down the high-tech gadgets (cigarette lighter) & go all iron-age man (box of matches) instead, as you can see, dessert was exciting! Served with creme fraiche, it was also completely delicious.

365:50 Natural Moguls


This is what happens when the snow starts melting, you get this gorgeous bumpy texture on the surface of the snow.

It always reminds me of watching one of the most tortuous forms of skiing (on tv, obvs)- mogul skiing. In German, moguls is called Buckelpiste. But apparently, the English word, moguls, comes from a German word for small hills anyway. Wikipedia tells me it’s from the Bavarian word Mugel; A dictionary tells me it’s from Viennese, Mugl.

I don’t really care. You wouldn’t catch me skiing them anyway. Piste most likely to ruin your knees for life? No thanks.