365:136 Zeppelin!

IMG_7663.JPGYou need awfully good eyes to see a zeppelin in this picture! (Click on the pic to make it bigger.)

We went out on Mr Mac’s motorbike again yesterday, me in his flash car, with friends. This time we did a quick tour of central Switzerland, taking roads through Sattelegg, Ibergeregg, Schwyz and back again towards the Zürichsee/Lake Zurich, which is the photo above.

As well went over the crest of the hill down towards the lake, we saw the zeppelin in the sky. Today we’ve discovered that it was an anniversary flight for Edelweiss airline, which was plastered across the balloon part, right enough.

How lovely would that flight have been?

365:135 Insanity


We took Ewan and his newest, latest squeeze out for lunch on Saturday. We went to the Mexican in Dietlikon, a place I’ve told you about before because of the biggest menu cards in the world.

Lunch was good. I had a burger*. Mr Mac one of his all-time faves, ribs. Ewan had a mixed plate of Enchiladas and his girlfriend also had a burger. I think because we all asked for our food Scharf/hot, we were offered to try Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Ewan jumped at the chance because he has a friend at work, coincidentally named Dave, who raves about it. We all tried a teeny tiny wee bit, except our Swiss guest. It was really, ludicrously spicy. I don’t know how people who eat their food with that stuff on it can taste anything else. Ughh.

*Note to self, the ridiculously & sexist named “Lady Special” isn’t really a smaller burger, it’s just that it only has one slab of meat on it instead of two. You can’t eat two slabs of burger, you idiot!

365:134 Rain! And Pain!


Och, after so many days of beautiful weather, I suppose I can’t moan about a day’s rain, can I? The geraniums enjoyed it anyway.

My leg has been utter torture the past week as well. I don’t know what my physio did to me at my last appointment but I’ve not been able to stand for more than a couple of minutes and/or walk more than 100m before wanting to chop my leg off to ease the pain. I haven’t even been able to stretch it out or do any of my exercises, because as she tells me, “it’s supposed to pull, but not hurt. If it hurts, STOP!” It just hurts. To make matters worse, I have to wait two weeks between appointments because she’s communicating with my GP about what to do next which involves snail mail, apparently.

I still have faith that it’ll miraculously get better after one magical appointment. As General Melchett once said, “If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.”

365:133 Hulftegg


The view from Hulftegg.

So, did you guess what this meant? It means Mr Mac has a new hobby. He bought himself a Harley-Davidson.


He had the day off on Thursday so he took himself off in the morning, on a bike ride to see a couple of pals. I had mentioned to him before he left, maybe we could both go out on the roads in the afternoon; it was a gorgeous day and I thought I could follow him in his flash car, top-down, anjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

By the time he got back, he had managed to organise a ride with four of our other friends who are bike fanatics and we ended up in a convoy of three bikes and me in the car. We rode out East and back again, stopping at Hulftegg for a coffee with all the other bikers in Switzerland, or so it seemed.

A pleasant, spontaneous afternoon with friends.

365:132 Cytisus


Isn’t she lovely? I spotted Cytisus for sale in Jumbo last week and had to have one in a pot on my balcony. I had a white cytisus in my front yard in Melbourne and it was gorgeous. It grew and grew and flowered every year without fail, giving loads of lovely white flowers for a long, long time.

This new yellow one hasn’t let me down either. It appears to love its spot on the balcony and as an added bonus is very heavily perfumed. When I have my balcony door open, it fills the lounge room with the scent of fresh garden flowers. A bargain for 5Fr, I reckon.

365:131 Dentist


I hadn’t been to the dentist for an embarrassing number of years. There are a few factors as to why, none of which are a phobia against them. But this new year, I said to Mr Mac, after losing a significant filling while eating Cadbury eclairs, “I need to start looking after my teeth properly. Hang the expense, book me in for a consultation when you go to get your tooth sorted out.”

So, after *coughs* eighteen *coughs* years (yes, you read that right), I went to see the dentist. Let me explain one of the reasons briefly, why I haven’t seen a dentist in so very long. The last time I went was for a course of treatment for a root canal. The dentist did the root canal for me and explained he had put a temporary filling in there for me but because there wasn’t much tooth left, it wouldn’t hold long and I would likely need a crown. A crown! As a stay-at-home mother of a very young family, with only Mr Mac bringing in the money, you can imagine that the cost of a crown would have been very intimidating against our meagre budget. So, I just never got one.

The temporary filling fell out evetutally and frankly, the tooth just never bothered me. Certainly I wasn’t (and still am not) vain enough to want to spend the extortionate amounts of money to get the gap in my smile fixed. And that’s why, in some of my photos, you see a gap.

Because my teeth have never given me any bother since then I never wanted to see a dentist for fear of the poking around in the gappy tooth, agitating it and doing something which will make it need work. I’m not very trusting sometimes, am I? So that’s why I didn’t go to the dentist for so very long.

But now, I need a bloody good cleaning (of course I do!) (and that’s another thing, after the root canal was done, I got a cleaning and it was horrible. I said the the dentist, “That’s the worst thing you’ve done to me so far!” and he said, “But I just finished a root canal on you!” And I said, “I know!!!”) so I went to the dentist.

My mad, ditzy dentist did an x-ray on me and told me that she needs to remove the bits of tooth leftover from the root canal, refill the missing filling and give me a clean. Should be done and back to regular appointments within two appointments. I asked her, “Is that it? Nothing else?!?” I was expecting a raft of charges against my criminal dental neglect. Nope. My teeth are fine.

Happy with that.

365:130 Mothers Day

IMG_7640.JPGEwan surprised me with a Mothers Day (just where does the apostrophe fit in that, anyway?) breakfast in bed. He actually went down to the bakery to pick me up a pastry, chocolate biscuit heart & some fresh croissants. I know, you’re not supposed to have favourites but on that day…

365:129 New China

IMG_7639.JPGI do love me some Dunoon China. When we were in Tyndrum, we came across the a gorgeous gift shop. I could have seriously bought everything in there. Yes, even the crappy wee bits of tat. I also do love me some crappy wee bits of tat.

Anyway, I saw these huge mugs which are exactly the right size and one of my favourite shapes and had to have them. I got this one, decorated with info-bytes about the clans of Scotland (my clan, Lamont, is not on there, for shame!) and another with info-bytes about Scotland and the Celts.

See, it’s all right for me. When you live away from your home country, you can fill your house with as much souvenir china as you have room for and it’s never overkill.